When a beautiful woman is feeling attracted to you, but isn’t quite sure about you yet, she will often ask you challenging questions to see how confident you really are.

If you are honestly feel as though you are good enough for her, you won’t worry and will naturally have the confidence to joke around with her and not answer her challenging questions so seriously.

In other words, you won’t be like other guys who are afraid to say the ‘wrong thing’ to a beautiful woman and lose their chance with her.

Instead, you are a confident, cool guy who isn’t worried whether or not she approves of everything you say.

You know that you’re good enough for her, so you can say whatever the heck you want, while still being a good guy to her.

That’s what most beautiful women want.

They want a confident guy who isn’t intimidated by them, but who can still be a good guy.

Many beautiful women struggle to find a confident, good guy who has the balls to joke around with her and challenge her during a conversation (i.e. test her).


Most guys are either way too nice to a beautiful woman, too neutral (i.e. they just act like a friend) or too nervous.

When a guy is too nice, she ends up feeling as though she is better than him, even though she isn’t.

When a guy is too neutral, there is no spark between her and the guy, so she doesn’t see him as anything more than a friend.

When a guy is too nervous, it makes her feel like she is more dominant than him, which isn’t attractive.

Rarely, will a beautiful woman come across a confident, good guy who has the balls to joke around with her, challenge her and not worry about potentially losing his chance with her.

A good guy with that kind of confidence is what gets her attention and makes him stand out from the crowd.

When a guy has the confidence playfully challenge a beautiful woman during a conversation, she drops her guard, opens up and shows a side of herself (i.e. friendly, easy-going, down to earth) that she normally doesn’t show to other guys.

She usually has her guard up because she doesn’t want to give other guys the wrong idea.

As a result, most guys see her as being standoffish, cold or even rude because she seems to keep her guard up.

Yet, when you get her to drop her guard by playfully challenging her during a conversation, her sweet, cute, friendly side will then come out.

She feels excited because she is finally getting to be her real self around a guy and, to top it off, you’re also a good guy, which makes her even more excited.

Then, picking her up becomes ridiculously easy. You basically let her have a chance with you.

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