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Melissa Westlake is an outgoing and fun professional dancer who is open to new experiences and has a winning ‘try anything once’ attitude.

Anthony Esposito is more the timid and reserved type…but he is looking to explore new opportunities and push himself outside his comfort zone a bit.

This sounds like a job for 6 Hour Match!

Can these two strangers who come from completely different planets possibly find a way to connect and fall in love? This odd couple must overcome a number of challenges and find out if there might be more between them than anyone would think. Romance can present itself in so many different ways, but that is where 6 Hour Match does it’s best work.

This episode will have you wondering what will happen between Melissa and Anthony until the very last second. You can try and guess, but the only way to really know is to watch and see for yourself.

Watch now and get ready for a heck of a joy ride!

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6 Hour Match S3 powered by Love Verified

In 6 hour match 2 strangers will have to get to know each other by asking questions, having conversations and by doing the challenges that we prepared beforehand. This all while being locked up in a house without wifi or any form of communication with the outside world.

At the end of the 6 hours the two strangers will decide if they are a match and spend the night together… 👀

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