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1. British-born Kim was just 19 when she got pregnant while studying in California, but she decided to give the baby boy up for adoption a week after he was born. For 30 years, neither knew of each other. Then, in 2013, Ben sent his mother a letter. Phone calls started and an overwhelming sexual charge between them began. Kim began having sexy dreams about her son. In 2014, they met for the first time in 30 years at a hotel. They shared a kiss over champagne, then the sex started. Ben then dumped his wife. Today, they live in Michigan and want to marry. They also want to have a baby together…. and we all know how well inter-family births are likely to turn out.

2. An unnamed 18-year-old is planning to marry her father two years after the two reacquainted themselves with each other on Facebook. The girl was 4 when she last seen her father.They then met when she was 16 and she traveled to stay with him for a week. She said she lost her virginity to him during that week because she never felt comfortable with any other man. Again, she was 16 at the time…. And had probably not been with any MEN at all.

3. John and Jenn, of Australia, had been estranged as father and daughter for several years until they met again back in 2000. But their relationship heated up very quickly after that and soon they were committing incest. The father and daughter appeared on 60 Minutes and was shunned by a shocked public. John and his wife divorced after 12 years of marriage. After carrying on a sexual relationship for some time, they were charged with 2 counts of incest, one of which resulted in the birth of a daughter in 2007; the other relating to the conception of a child in 2001. Their relationship reportedly ended in 2009.

4. Father and daughter Cris, 36, and Sara, 18, of Mallorca, say they are in a very loving relationship and should be allowed to raise Sara’s daughter. The court took the child away from them. Strangely enough, in Spain, incest is not against the law, so anybody can marry anybody… no matter what. But the court’s biggest concern is that Cris was abusive to his ex-wife, who – if you’re keeping up with things here – is the mother of his lover, and the grandmother of his lover’s child. I was confused right after I said Number 4.

5. Ok… let’s take a quick break from all that silly stuff and talk about something more normal. Shortly after Judah’s wife, Rozie died in 2008, Rozie’s mother, Felistus, moved in with him, apparently to comfort each other at the time of terrible loss for both of them. Oh, and comforted they did, and probably in the same bed where his wife and her daughter died. Sorry, this isn’t much more normal, is it? The families pretty much disowned them for what they did. But despite that, Judah married his former mother-in-law in 2010 and the couple lived happily ever after…well, until Judah died two years later.

6. Julia Gregg and her husband of Wales took in a young refugee boy some years ago to raise as their foster son. When Julia’s marriage ended, she turned to her foster son, Kenar. Seven years after Julia started raising him, she married him. Their 1-year-old daughter was a bridesmaid. Ahhh…love…

7. Betty and Farai, of Masvingo, claim to be very much in love and are taking it to the next level with marriage. Betty, who is 40 and pregnant, said she would like to tie the knot with her son, who is 23, before she gives birth to his child. Now, since this news came out in February and she was six months pregnant then, we can only assume the child has already been born. Otherwise, she’d wind up in one of our other Top 10 lists…and, yes, I know this one is only 8. So, puzzle me this, would the child be her son or daughter…. Or her grandson or granddaughter? This is a very strange list, so let’s make it fun.

8. And of course, we saved the best for last. Pearl was having sex with Phil and they want to have a baby together. They have sex at least three times a week and can’t keep their hands off each other. Oh, by the way, Pearl is 72. And Phil… well, he’s her grandson. Pearl gave up Phil’s mom for adoption when she was 18. Years later… many years later, Phil tracked her down and they quickly became lovers. They also have a surrogate mom who will carry their baby. Pearl and Phil live off of Pearl’s retirement in Indiana, which is where I live. Ya know, grandma never looked sexy to me.