I almost landed it with Kelly… 100 likes and I’ll call her back…

In this video, I come across a gift card scam call center. They were running a pop-up scam on facebook where the person had to call to receive a free $100 “Gift Voucher” in exchange for their credit card information for a “one time service charge”. Needless to say, I have a hunch that she kind of liked me, with the flirting pretty evident between us. Flowmotion x Kelly the Scammer fanfiction when? :p

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Disclaimer:This video is not
meant to harrass anyone of
any race/culture/etc. This is
not meant to insult anyone of
Indian heritage. It is simply to
bring attention to phone scams
and how they are executed. A
scammer is a scammer, no matter
what race. I do not condone racism.

Please do not harrass anyone of the
heritage associated with the scammer.
Just harass the scammer. 😉


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