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From the How To Talk Dirty To Your Husband? [2020] video:

“When I decided to share these techniques with women around the world I set myself a goal as big and lofty as climbing Everet… And to reach that goal this new program had to accomplish 3 things: 1. It had to be Easy.. as close to “Done for you” as possible so you dont have to worry about coming up with the words or memorizing a bunch of stuff. it needed to work even if you’re shy.2. It had to be inspirational… which is why this language teaches you how to INSPIRE a man to give you what you want and need so much…3. It needed to be transformational. For me to feel satisfied this system had to be more than just dirty words on a page…

Just by allowing yourself to experience this program you’ll transform your whole attitude towards men and sex and open yourself to a whole new world of intimacy, connection and pleasure…And after months and months of work, testing this stuff in my own life-giving it to a women from 18 to 80 and hearing their amazing, passionate raving reviews here is just a tiny sample of the secrets youre going to get and amazing results you’re going to almost-automatically get when you get the Language of Desire program today. The Pavlovs Erection Technique. Use this and you’ll condition man to become unreasonably turned on and vibrating with desire for you every time you whisper a seemingly innocent phrase of your choice in his ear…”