Miss Morgan is a teacher who is tired of her student misbehaving and copying homework. When she calls in her parent for a meeting, things take a turn towards the perverse. Starring Kendra James, Alexis Fawx and Mackenzie Moss. Lesbian Revenge is a web series featuring dramatic lesbian films produced by Adult Time.


Miss Morgan (Kendra James), a high school history teacher, is at a desk correcting homework, scowling to herself as she makes notes in bright red pen. To the side of her desk, a bright red apple sits in full view, a small pocket knife next to it folded closed. Something catches her eye and she suspiciously flips back and forth between two different pieces of homework. She mutters to herself that this is unbelievable – the nerve of some students. She flips back to the cover page, sees the name on the paper, and narrows her eyes with a furious glare. Miss Morgan picks up the phone.

“Yes, is this Cheryl Best, Mandy’s step-mother? This is Miss Morgan, Mandy’s history teacher. … I need to have a talk with you and your daughter. … No, here at the school. … The earliest you can make it. … no, I’m afraid I INSIST. …. Good. We’ll see each other shortly then. Goodbye,” Miss Morgan says curtly. She hangs up the phone and taps it sharply with her fingernails before moving her hand over towards the apple, however it stops short at the knife and she hovers over it. She picks it up and flicks it open with a flourish.

Cheryl (Alexis Fawx) and Mandy (Mackenzie Moss) arrive, and Miss Morgan tells them that she knows Mandy’s been copying off of other students. M-Mandy! Is this true?? Cheryl asks. “Y-yes, it’s true… I’m so sorry! It’s just that I’m 18 now and about to graduate! There’s just SO MUCH PRESSURE to have high grades to get into the schools you and dad want me to…” Mandy stammers.

Miss Morgan reveals that this isn’t the first time Mandy was caught copying work. Cheryl still hesitates to blame Mandy or put her foot down, so Miss Morgan threatens to expel Mandy. Both mother and daughter protest that she can’t do that, it will ruin Mandy’s chances at getting into a good college. Cheryl insists that Miss Morgan is being way too harsh! Miss Morgan says that clearly Mandy needs some tough love, and if Cheryl isn’t the one to give it to her then she will. It’s about time SOMEBODY slapped some sense into her.


Cast: Kendra James, Alexis Fawx, Mackenzie Moss
Director: Whitney Wright
Writer: Midnight
Producers: Bree Mills, Craven Moorehead
Editor: Clit Eastwood
Cameras: Matt Holder, Curious Judas
Photography: Stef Orzo
Production Assistant: Brock Slayden
Sound: Frank Armitage


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