Without Section 230 the freedom for web services to moderate content and, in most cases, to even exist, would be jeopardized. Jess Miers, a graduate law student at Santa Clara University, shares her stance on the looming threats of its appeal. Jess Miers is an Internet Law generalist, certified privacy professional, and software engineer. She is currently a 1L member of the first Tech Edge J.D. cohort at Santa Clara Law studying Internet law and policy. Jess has a fiery passion for defending online free speech with a specific interest in CDA 230 and content moderation. Her passion for Internet advocacy drove her to found the SCU Internet Law Student Organization with the goal to inspire others to consider careers in technology law.

For a law that governs about 99% of our daily online interactions, it’s disheartening how little most users understand, and the importance of Section 230. Without it the freedom for web services to moderate content and, in most cases, would be jeopardized. Section 230 is the core foundation for online free speech but with recent amendments like the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act and looming threats of repeal, this foundation is being quickly chipped away by regulators and anti-230 lobbyists. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at